Stereo Interactive written and facilitated by Clifford Oliver

directed by Carole Pluckrose

filmed by students at Westminster University Media Department


Stereo tells the story of a young man who has been involved with drug dealing since his early teens and who has gone on to murder with a knife. Is he a stereotype?

Stereotypes are dangerous things; they reflect our secret prejudices. If we do not challenge them they will lie unresolved in the dark corners of our minds and erupt as discrimination at any moment.

Background to this video

Originally commissioned by the Criminal Justice Agencies of Avon & Somerset to help improve the delivery of justice, Stereo Interactive was filmed in London with an audience of police, CJS staff and young people to allow them to experience selected scenes from the full-length play and engage in Forum theatre with the characters. Stereo is available as a full performance or Forum theatre workshop programme offering a vital learning resource for schools addressing key citizenship issues, and a unique tool for tackling equality and diversity training within the public sector and its communities.

To find out more about our Stereo programme, contact Nita Bocking on 020 8594 1095 or email

Download full Stereo support notes for teachers (PDF, 841k)