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January 2014

New Year, new programmes!

As well as continuing our specialised participative Forum theatre work in schools, colleges and organisations around the country, we are delighted to be introducing a range of new programmes for young people for 2014! Here’s a peek at what’s to come…


Arc’s new interactive programme for KS2 exploring cultural diversity and racism – available FREE OF CHARGE to Thurrock primary schools from 27 January to 14 February, funded by Thurrock Community Safety Partnership.

Billy, Kyle and Siobhan are friends in Year 6 at school. However, their friendship is tested when Billy is influenced by his ‘cool’ older cousin, who is a member of the English Defence League. When Billy reposts his cousin’s strong views on Facebook, Kyle and Siobhan decide to confront him. Billy doesn’t agree that he’s being racist – his parents have, after all, told him lots of true stories about the behaviours of different ethnic and cultural groups. But Kyle and Siobhan have their own stories to tell…

Fiercebook is a one-hour interactive Forum Theatre programme designed for Years 5 and 6. Selected schools can take up to two sessions (subject to availability), accommodating up to 80 young people per session. After an initial scripted scenario is played out to the audience by our skilled actors, at a point of heightened conflict, Arc’s facilitator will instruct groups to direct each character in turn, so that every perspective can be played out in a safe, inclusive environment. Using this engaging participative method, the drama can then effectively be moved to a place of resolution.

Issues tackled in Fiercebook will include cultural diversity, tolerance, racism, religion, immigration, migrant workers, housing, travellers, language and clothing, anti-social behaviour, hate crime, school rules, the Law, social networking and misuse, how to get help, who to talk to, and what services are available locally for those affected.

Spaces are limited and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Thurrock schools can book a Fiercebook programme by contacting Nita Bocking or Theresa Snooks at Arc on 020 8594 1095.

Raised Voices

Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Raised Voices is our new 3-year Leadership Project for young females in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham.

Using a range of exciting drama and multi-media techniques to explore modern issues affecting young women today, the programme will work towards developing speaking, listening and presentation skills, raise confidence and increase self-esteem, and equip young leaders with the skills needed to mentor and develop a new group of young participants from the Borough’s secondary schools!