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Welcome to Arc Theatre

Creating and telling stories that engage, educate and motivate

Originally founded in 1984, we specialise in producing and performing original, live theatre and delivering interactive, multi-media awareness programmes for schools, communities, local authorities and the corporate and third sectors in London, the south-east and across the UK.

Our work aims to challenge assumptions and inspire real change in the way that people relate to one another in society, tackling the difficult stuff from Hate Crime and extremism, gangs and weapon carrying, and Violence Against Women and Girls, through to cyberbullying, road safety and healthy relationships and positive lifestyles. As a pioneering organisation we were instrumental in bringing the issue of racism in football to the forefront of public awareness.

We have a widely respected track record of expertise in a range of effective learning strategies including original theatre, storytelling, drama workshops and participative Forum Theatre. The success of our work is underpinned by first-class facilitation and meticulous research and preparation. Our facilitators, performers, storytellers and workshop leaders are trained to the highest standards and bring passion, energy and commitment to this work.

Funders and Partners

The organisations that we work with are those that seek to move forward and achieve a lasting difference, whether it be in the field of diversity, inclusion, education, health, criminal justice or community cohesion. Here are some of our current and recent partnerships: