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June 2010

B Safe B Cool Interactive Transport Transition Workshops for Year 6
Touring Essex Schools from 17 May to 22 July 2010

Commissioned by Essex County Council Passenger Transport Co-ordination Centre

Following demand for travel awareness training, Essex County Council’s Student Behaviour and Safeguarding Team has developed an exciting new multimedia performance programme to help young people get to grips with transport safety as they make the transition from primary to secondary.

Building on ECC Passenger Transport Co-ordination Centre’s committment to safer travel, B Safe B Cool is now touring 40 schools this summer, completely free of charge. The programme is being delivered by Arc, whose strong partnership with Essex has already produced a series of five popular transport safety programmes for primary and secondary schools including Onward Journey and This Bus Terminates Here!

Taking place in and out of the classroom, each two-hour programme for up to 30 students features an innovative mix of participative drama on the tour bus with the real-life characters from the animated DVD presentation, and a highly engaging educational workshop using state-of-the-art quiz and vote hosting facilities.

“The drama was superb and really engaged them – more of this would be great as they were really ‘in’ it and were able to suspend their disbelief easily and participate appropriately. This kind of format would really work well for many issues surrounding Year 6-7 transition work. One on peer pressure and different types of bullying would be really useful.” KS2 Teacher, Kings Road Primary School

Led by one of Arc’s expert facilitators, B Safe B Cool will offer an effective and fun educational resource providing young people with a very clear understanding of behaviours and attitudes related to travelling on private or public transport. Students will learn practical skills needed to deal safely and responsibly with the new independence of travelling alone and clear advice and suggestions for dealing with everyday and unexpected situations.

For more information about B Safe B Cool, contact Theresa Snooks at Arc on 020 8594 1095 or email Theresa Snooks