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October 2010

Boy X at The Broadway Barking for London Week of Peace

Written by Clifford Oliver and directed by Carole Pluckrose, Boy X performed on 23 September at The Broadway Barking to a packed house for London Week of Peace.

Hosted by Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Matt Bell, Arc’s highly-acclaimed anti-weapon play visited the Barking theatre during a tour of the Borough’s Secondary Schools, part-funded by Barking & Dagenham Partnership.

The high-profle audience included The Worshipful The Mayor,

Councillor Nirmal Singh Gill along with many other Barking & Dagenham Councillors, representatives from the Metropolitan Police and CJS, and students and teachers from local schools and youth organisations.

Following an emotionally-charged performance, Arc’s Boy X actors were joined on stage for a special post-show panel discussion, chaired by Commander Bell.

Writer Clifford Oliver, Director Carole Pluckrose and actors Jordan Barrett, Tendayi Jembere, Nobere Lubrun and Lee Vassell were delighted to be joined by Arc’s Patron, Neville Lawrence OBE, to talk about the origins of the Boy X story, the production process and the powerful themes explored in the play.

The team answered questions and discussed comments from members of the audience who were very open in sharing their own moving personal experiences of violent crime and gangs.

Writer Clifford Oliver and actor Tendayi Jembere

Writer Clifford Oliver and actor Tendayi Jembere

Director Carole Pluckrose and Arc’s Patron Neville Lawrence OBE

Boy X panel

Boy X post-show discussion chaired by Borough Commander Matt Bell with Panel; Clifford Oliver, Tendayi Jembere, Lee Vassell, Nobere Lubrun, Jordan Barrett, Carole Pluckrose and Neville Lawrence OBE (left to right)

Boy X now has it’s own dedicated Facebook Fan Page for comments and discussion. Have you seen the performance? Is there something you want to say about the show or do you have an experience to share? Visit Boy X here: Boy X Facebook Page

Recent feedback from a Barking & Dagenham Secondary School student:

“This performance was amazing.  I cried, I laughed and I thought; “This performance should be seen by everyone”. I found I listened and understood this ‘play’ more than if police, with a badge and a gun stood infront of me, shouting the rules. The performance showed me no one can choose who you are, no one can tell you who you are, no one can stand behind you forever, not everyone’s going to be there to catch you when you fall. When you make the decision to take the gun/money/knife, you’re making the decision to betray yourself, your family, and everyone that who was once there to catch you. So sometimes it’s best to think about consequences of your actions, and the people who love you, will warn you to stay away from the people who will hurt you.

The discussion, let us see what was going through everyone else’s mind and how other people look on the same situation, but in another light. I will take knowledge knowing that the things I see on drama shows actually happen in real life. And it’s us being the younger people who can change the future.

Think twice, be aware of the action I am doing now can always come back to me later. No one should carry a gun because when you carry a gun the more likely you will use it.”

Boy X is now available for block-booking in secondary schools across London – call Carole Pluckrose at Arc on 020 8594 1095 now to find out more.

Boy X Briefing Document (PDF, 260k)