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Boy X

Four boys stand at a graveside. Boy X is dead. Another 16-year-old is murdered. The cycle of revenge begins again.

Adapted from the original play by Arc’s Resident Writer Clifford Oliver, Boy X is our powerful theatre workshop programme designed for young people, their parents/carers, youth workers and adults in the community.

Focused on gangs, knife and violent crime, Boy X is a live theatre piece created to engage audiences and open up discussions on the issues of knife crime, weapon carrying, youth violence, gangs, child criminal and sexual exploitation and County Lines, loyalty and loss, in a safe and inclusive school or community environment. This hard-hitting programme is designed to challenge the glamorisation of carrying weapons, build resilience to youth violence and the lure of gang lifestyles, and educate on the causes, effects and fallouts of weapon crime. If you’d like to talk to us about how to engage your audience on issues that really matter, please contact nita@arctheatre.com or call 07483 342158.





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