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Friend or Faux

Friend or Faux by Arc’s Resident Writer Clifford Oliver, is an interactive theatre programme devised to help raise awareness of mate crime, cuckooing and County Lines, and to prevent the vulnerable in our community from being abused or exploited financially, physically or sexually. Arc’s engaging workshop offers a number of scenarios featuring relatable characters that come into the life of our protagonist – Pete, who is living independently and has to work out who is his ‘Friend’ and who might be ‘Faux’. Audiences are encouraged to help Pete understand what behaviours are acceptable in his life, and what might have damaging or dangerous consequences. The key messages of the programme are:
  • Why you can’t trust everyone,
  • How you can spot criminal practices, like mate crime, cuckooing or County Lines,
  • Why you should not lend your money or property,
  • What is appropriate physical/sexual behaviour,
  • How to tell a trusted person if you don’t like how someone is treating you.
Mate crime is a form of Hate Crime and is defined as the exploitation, abuse or theft from any person at risk from those they consider to be their friends – often referred to as ‘fake friends’.  People with disabilities, and those more vulnerable in our society are often the targets of this type of crime, as the perpetrators take advantage of their victims’ isolation and vulnerability to win their confidence. Friend or Faux is a flexible piece of 30-60 minutes in length, delivered by our professional (DBS checked) team, tailored according to the needs of your audiences and the messages you wish to convey.  The piece can be performed in a small hall or studio space and is perfect for special life skills and safety events.  We would recommend the attendance of Police or Community Safety representatives to support the messages delivered on the day. If you’d like to talk to us about how to engage your audience on issues that really matter, please contact nita@arctheatre.com or call 07483 342158.





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