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No More Whispers

Female Genital Mutilation is the partial or total removal of female external genitalia for non-medical reasons.  It’s also known as female circumcision, cutting or sunna.  Religious, social or cultural reasons are sometimes given for FGM.  However, FGM is child abuse.  It’s a violation of human rights.  It’s dangerous, and it’s ILLEGAL. No More Whispers uses participative, live performance plus multi-media film, PowerPoint presentation and sensitive discussion to raise awareness of the issues surrounding FGM, helping students explore the practice and its consequences within the context of human rights and Violence Against Woman and Girls.  Arc’s interactive Forum Theatre is a compelling engagement tool, delivered by our highly-skilled facilitator and trained, professional actors who tell the story of three students exploring which Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education issue to use as the focus of their social media campaign.  The audience must interact with the characters so that they can investigate FGM, learn about the subject, why it happens, how it affects young people, and to help them reach a positive conclusion. The programme will also highlight local and national support services and organisations.  If you’d like to talk to us about how to engage your audience on issues that really matter, please contact nita@arctheatre.com or call 07483 342158.





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