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School for Scammers

Devised by Arc’s Resident Writer Clifford Oliver, School for Scammers is an interactive performance programme for the community raising awareness of scamming.  Scamming can take a multitude of forms, from the identity fraud through your letterbox and the get-rich-quick swindle in your email, to the courier con on your telephone, or the roofing repair trick at your door.  Scammers make their living by gaining your confidence and deceiving you out of your money or possessions by increasingly creative methods – using the latest technology, loopholes, or just plain lies… and everyone is at risk, not just the more old or vulnerable. School for Scammers tells the story of the Carmichael family: Don Carmichael has been released from prison after serving time for a number of offences, mostly involving theft and burglary.  He has spent more than fifteen years of his life in prison – all for the same kind of offences.  This time, however, he is adamant that things are going to change and that he is not going back.  However, Don’s way of staying out of prison isn’t by going straight… School for Scammers is a humorous and thought-provoking interactive Forum Theatre performance programme for community groups of all ages, for audiences of up to 100 at a time.  Arc has been successfully delivering the programme to a wide range of community groups in north-east London since 2014 – from sheltered housing and Neighbourhood Watch groups to faith groups and vulnerable adults.  If you’d like to talk to us about how to engage your audience on issues that really matter, please contact nita@arctheatre.com or call 07483 342158.





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