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September 2008

Introducing The Russells Lead the Way by Clifford Oliver – an interactive new play for Housing Association Resident Involvement events around the country

As part of our commitment to assisting Housing Associations with their Community Cohesion programme, Arc’s latest sit-com style Forum theatre programme has been developed to accompany ‘Leading the Way: achieving resident-driven accountability and excellence’.

The Russells Lead the Way is an exciting new theatre performance designed to support the ambitions of the CIH report ‘Leading the Way’, following the Cave Review introducing resident-led self-regulation. The latest in our Meet The Russells series, written by Clifford Oliver, The Russells Lead the Way uses live, interactive theatre to cut through the dry policy and

encourage people to involve themselves in working closely with landlords on developing the ‘Leading the Way’ agenda.

The aim of ‘Leading the Way’ is to strengthen and build further on the excellent work to date on resident involvement. It offers a dynamic framework for moving this forward, through focusing on the positive and direct role residents can play in influencing, co-ordination andĀ self-determination, and their power to drive change. As identified in the report, “Residents have made it clear that they desire more responsiveness from their landlords, and the housing profession must now embrace the challenge and deliver.”

The Russells Lead the Way is a humorous and touching play, which tells the story of one family’s involvement in their community, the issues and challenges they face and their new opportunities for greater leadership and involvement in directing and improving services for their neighbourhoods and communities.

Arc’s Meet The Russells series uses the well known TV situational comedy genre, but in this case, as well as enjoying the performance, the audience also gets to interact and talk with members of the family as they explore their situations and options. The performance is easily accommodated in a variety of settings as a stimulus for lively discussion and sharing of ideas.

If you are planning resident conferences or events, this interactive theatre performance offers an innovative, dynamic and engaging focus to support your programme. The running time is 60 minutes, with a 15 minute scripted opening scene followed by interactive Forum theatre in which the audience determines the outcome of the piece though advising the characters.

“Arc created a dynamic interactive theatre piece for our first tenants conference. It was funny, to the point, and the audience thought it was brilliant. It is an excellent way to actively engage people and get them talking about how they can become more involved in the planning and delivery of our services. I highly recommend Arc and this lively method of encouraging involvement.”
Corporate Services, Broadland Housing Association

A pdf flyer about the play can be downloaded below, and if you would like to talk to us about booking a performance of The Russells Lead the Way please contact Arc’s Chief Executive Officer, Carole Pluckrose on 020 8594 1095 or email carole@arctheatre.com .

Download full The Russells Lead the Way flyer (PDF, 92kb)